We have a Camera Feed.

This camera is only online during our Tractor Pull's, the Dinner & may be the Road Run.

Poseable camera online are;
27th Feb 2021 from about 7am till the end of the tractor pull.*

12th Jun 2021 Our Dinner and Auction.*

13th June 2021 Morning breakfast & S.G. Road Run.*

This image will refresh about every 1min.
A new image is taken every 1 min, but some times a blank image may show here,

Click here To view the current and the last 10 images.

This service it provided free of charge to ARTHC by Haddow Internet
This page may be offline for security reasons, or other factors also.
You may see a image too but if it does not change then there has been a problem.

* this is depended on local 3g/4g internet access.