Welcome to our June 2022 Dinner Booking Form

Please fill out this form bellow and once submitted you will receive a email with your booking and payment info.

Seats are limited and all bookings must be paid for by the 1st Jun 2022.

Bookings through here has a max of 10 seats per booking, if you need more seats select Other then place the amount .
If you over booked or need to change the booking before any payments then please email us ASAP stating the number you want to book.
Credit Card Payments Are Final Payments, Surcharge are non refundable.

Please note: This is the official booking form, (If payment is not Credit Card "Pay Now") then you will receive the booking email with its payment option that you Must pay by the 1st Jun 2022 or your booking will be cancelled out right.
There will be no late booking or payments allowed what so ever (For the dinner).

Please also note: The phone number you list here will also be the booking number.

Price per seat is $55.00

Payment Options: Direct Deposit or Credit Card*

*Please note: All Credit Card Payments has a surcharge depending on payment time.
A 2% surcharge ($1.10 per seat) added to the total for "Pay Now".
Or 2.4% surcharge ($1.30 per seat) added to the total for "Pay Later"
Cards Taken: Visa Card, Master Card, Amex Card

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Cost Per Seat is $55.00

Please note; a 2% surcharge ($1.10 per seat) will be added to the total for this option.

Once click on “Authorisation to process payment” and "Captcha" then clicking “Submit” button bellow you understand that a Payment for the amount of seats you have listed above and a Card Surcharge Fee will be deducted from the card you have listed above.

Please Note: We are not accountable for any of your bank fees that may arise from this payment.

The payment is process normally withing 12-24hr but may take up to a few days to process and/or show on your account.
The payment should show up as “ARTHC Online".

The payment will be a One Time Payment Only.

Please select yes if you wish for a Copy of the Card Payment Receipt to be emailed to you.