Go Fund Me Express Overnight Freight


We are seeking your support to help us secure a significant piece for Australian Road transport History for display in the museum.

Your donations will go directly towards the purchase of a truck that was involved in express overnight freight (ex TNT or similar) which symbolises what is memorable and representative from a significant period in Australian road transport.

The benefits will be extensive as the vehicle will be secured as a flagship vehicle for the ARTHC museum and will be used to promote the museum and road transport history. 

The ARTHC will then partner with community groups to return the truck to an original condition with relevant period livery and will update, illustrate and display the vehicle as it goes through this restoration showing the journey for all to see and follow.

We have a target of $15,000 which we would like to raise by the end of the July.

If you wish to donate then please click here for the our Go Fund Me page (Opens in new window)

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