Web Site Problems

04 Mar 2018, Website Updates, we just did a big update of all the software on the server, we are now looking at online payments and members area's.

01 Mar 2018, Over the coming month we are doing huge updates, more to come.

11 Mar 2018, Website Updates, we have contacted the mobile site software maker and traced the problem but not the repair yet, we also did another main site update that broke the site for 15min, all back to normal now and will also keep you updated when I can about the contact forms for mobile site.

17 Feb 2018, Website Updates, we have Installed a mobile viewing version of our site, there will be a few updates needed for it but for now all is working great.

28 Jan 2018, Website Updates, we have done several updates and added a contact us form too.

10 Oct 2017, Website problems, Today we have had a few problems.

1. We tried to do a up of software which crashed the site,

2. Since the site was down we then moved the site to a new account,

3. Site was backonline but the SSL key was wrong causing display errors.

All is fixed and working but will report if any more problems.

12 Aug 2017, Website software update fix, there was a glitch in parts of the update all is fixed now.

10 Aug 2017, Website major software update been done today, all looks like its working.

05 Aug 2017, Website now has ssl on, This will allow Secure forms processing and even hole site security too.

02 Aug 2017, Hole web site has been moved to a new server.

03 Jul 2017, Site has had software update and some changes, all seams fine and working for now.

05 Aug 2016, Site has had software update, all seams fine and working for now.

20 July 2016, Site has had software update, all seams fine and working for now.

16 July 2016, Site has had reconfigure and some Menus & Articles have deleted or moved.

30 Apr 2016, Site has had a software update, at this stage no glitch has been seen.

27 Mar 2016, Site has had a software update, but we also found a small glitch in the forms but have a fix in it for now.

11 Mar 2016, Site has had a reinstall to see if it stops some glitches, we will monitor site till further notice.

05 Mar 2016, we are seeing a small software glitch on the site, it is taking time to track down where the problem is, most people will not see the problem.

29 Oct 2015, Main Software upgrade has been done today.

12 Sep 2015, Software upgrade has been done today, Also added move video links, Some of the services like online shop and online membership are on hold for now, the test worked, but we are looking into other things too..

30 Jun 2015, DNS has be transfer to new server, website and emails are now fully on a server that has 24/7 support and ip4 & ip6 access too.

29 Jun 2015, Website is being in the stage of being moved, waiting on DNS to be transfer to new server.

26 Jun 2015, Website is being tested on a new server, the last hosting company clams they will not support the software this site runs on without paying them money for extra support, since they are only supporting another software.
We have all ready moved email to the new server.

15 Jun 2015, Website now has online shop, it is in testing mode for now,

Reconfigure form to allow members to register online, it is in testing mode for now.

12 Jun 2015, Website backend update, also added extra SEO software to system.

Added basic form shop for testing,

21 May 2015, Website software update, A few updates of the software has been done, this is now a direct format for this site.

11 May 2015, Website major update, Due to a few updates of software we did another major update, this also added a few new menus too.

04 May 2015, New website up and running, Some links still need to be copied over the next few weeks, but main site working
The New version allows up to install google maps into the site, and allows better cross platform viewing.

20 Apr 2015, We are building a new site, hope to have it live in a month or two

10 Feb 2015, It Has been reported that the Google maps have not been viewable on the site, for now we have gone back to a hard copy.
This problem seems to be a Google permission thing, it has been reported to Google but will be looked more problems are reported.
So for now we will stay no hard copys

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