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“ARTHC”, “We” or “Us” refers to the "Australian Road Transport Heritage Centre".


This website contains information, data, documents, pages, audio, video and images ('the material') prepared by ARTHC for the purposes of:

  • Providing the public with information about our Museum.
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The material is protected by copyright under the Copyright Act (Cth) 1968 ['the Act'], and is owned either by the ARTHC or by other copyright owners.

The ARTHC is an Incorporated Association in Australia, with its Museum located in Gundagai NSW

This website contains information and media where copyright is held by Us as well as other people or organisations.

If copyright is owned by a person or organisation that is not the ARTHC, you will need to seek permission from that person or organisation prior to using it.

The ARTHC has made all reasonable efforts to locate the owners of copyright material in our information and media. Should anyone become aware that we have used material online without permission, please contact us.


© Third Party

Materials for which the copyright is owned by others will be labelled in one of the following ways:

  • Watermark in image stating the photographer/creator
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The ARTHC has taken all reasonable efforts to ensure that materials, for which copyright belongs to others, have been reproduced on this website with the full consent of the copyright owners. Apart from any use permitted under the Act, no part of Third Party material on this website may be reproduced by any process without prior permission from that Third Party.



Our website tries to enable easy access to a range of content and delivery mechanisms.

As much as We are able to, online content and code is compliant with protocols and standards for accessibility and usability in relation to the information which appears on its sites.

While We make every effort to ensure that the information on its site is accurate, current and free from errors, some information may change between site updates.

Although we aim to ensure that this site and those sites we link to are complete current, reliable and/or free from error, the ARTHC cannot accept responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense users might incur as a result of the use of, or reliance upon, the material which appears on its site and more so the linked sites.

Although the ARTHC makes every effort to review and assess the suitability of the linked sites, some material, which appears at those sites, may cause offence or upset to some visitors. The ARTHC regrets but cannot take responsibility for any such offence or upset caused.

Because of the nature of the Internet, and despite its best efforts, the ARTHC makes no warranties that the information on its websites is free of infection by computer viruses, or other contamination's, but we do take as much care to try and keep those problems from our site.

Also to help protect our websites We have added a function that blocks most of the world from accessing our website as we are Australian based and must follow Australian Laws not other country Laws.

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