High &/Or Length Limits In Town And At The Museum

We have lots of on-street free parking on Jack Moses Ave & Tor St
Street parking for Cars, Buses, Caravans, RV's & Trucks.

Because of the size and the hills in and around the Township it is highly recommended that nothing over 4.3M High &/or 2.5M wide &/or 19M Long enter the Gundagai Township at all.

Also due to the Museum position and the Township things like Dangerous Goods, B-Doubles &/or Oversized vehicles are not permitted into Gundagai without permits and so are not permitted to park near the Museum at all.

All trailer loads we recommend parking the trailers at one of the Truck Stops.
(Eg 'South Gundagai Shell' or 'Dog on Tuckerbox')

Also it is highly recommended that if you do park in town to use cation due to Heavy Vehicle Parking Time Limits that are enforced by the police (This includes small trucks too).