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Sylvias Gap Road Run 2015

The ARTHC hosted a Road Run though one of the most dangerous parts of the old Hume Highway over "Sylvias Gap" (The road is now called "Sylvias Gap Road")
This road was used from 1938 to 1983, when it was diverted for what is now the duel carriageway of the Hume Highway.
This road is just south of Tumblong NSW

(Sylvias Gap Road is a private road from about 500M South of the highway turnoff, No public Access any other time.)


We have video up of most of the trucks heading "Sylvias Gap Road" (The video was recorded Just north of "Hannas pinch")

This video was captured with the traffic heading "Southbound".

(Due to some problems the first 3 min was corrupted, so that part was removed, the sound is not the best, this was my first time trying this system)

This video was captured with the traffic heading back "Northbound".

Wintv Coverage of the road run.

Prime7 Coverage of the road run 08jun2015.

Video has been removed


Some History About The Hume Highway Tarcutta to Tumblong deviation.
(From "Chris Nicholes" of History Of The Hume Highway on Facebook)

A section of Hume highway opened in 1938, to replace the much longer Tarcutta creek to Mundarlow road.

Which went through flood prone country.

The Deviation work was started soon after the Great Depression in the early 30's , it was a massive project through very hilly country, and hundreds of workers were transported here by train, and camped in tents , it was a government work relief project, earth was moved with people power, horse power, and very limited number of trucks and tractors.

Work conditions were tough and industrial unrest was rife workers had no cars and had to walk great distances to and from work.

Many cuttings were excavated through the hills, a great achievement for the time, with Wagga Hill, Hillis creek bridge ( the little harbour bridge ) and Sylvia's being the big jobs.

At the ARTHC truck run yesterday much discussion on the history of this road project happened after Mr Doug Hartwig of Tumblong produced a collection of great photos of the work in progress in the Tumblong area.

Doug was a long time proprietor of the Golden Fleece servo at Tumblong and has a great knowledge of the Hume Highway locally.



Reunion Dinner 2015 Video

This video was done by using a image that was taken every minute (1 image every min = 1sec on the video)

it does start a bit slow, but picks up, we had the place packed.

& also there is "NO SOUND" to this.

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