The Membership Form

is now available to download online.

Every Membership aids with the cost involved in getting the centre up and running.

We offer 2 main types of membership.

General Membership

Corporate Membership

We also offer 3 other types of membership

Associate Membership

Foundation Membership

Life Membership

Renewals for General & Corporate Members are due by the end of May every year.

All Memberships Fees can be paid by
Cheque/Money Order & posted to our postal address,
Cheque or Cash in person at the Museum,
Direct Deposit
(Account Name "Australian Road Transport Heritage Centre")
(BSB "633000") (Account Number "140288796")
(Referance "Your Name")

Members with club rego with us will have there Rego renewals the same time, if you are not financial then no rego
Only General, Corporate or Life Members are eligible for Club Rego

Click here to view about Club Rego